GMA Telebabad for 2013

Just this month there are now rumors on what are the new shows that GMA Network will produced for GMA Telebabad by the year 2013. However, these are not yet final and official so it will be either continue to air or will just stay as a rumor.

Here are the different theme of the rumored shows of GMA Network by year 2013:
1. A show that will change the standing of women in the society.

2. A series that will BITE you. A story of love from two different worlds.

3. Can you take to be bitten and LOVE a person which don't belong to your race.

4. An EPIC series that will make you go back to the past.

5. A series that will FLY on 2013.

6. The fight of people from the two different world will continue.

7. A story of love between friends.

8. Will you sacrifice your love just for your country?

Just before this rumors came out, it was published and posted on articles and social networking sites some tentative titles of GMA new Telebabad shows will be aired next year.

These are Encantadia: The Second Saga (#6) which I think there has a low possibility because of the sequel of Mulawin (#5) which they are planning to do, according to some social networkers.

In addition these are the shows which has really high possibility to air next year: Indio (#4) which they already started and the remake of Endless Love 3 or Dangal (#7) formerly Haram which was shelved, however they will change the theme of the story.

For number 1, it will be a political story. A new series which will be inspired by the Koreanovela The Big Thing. For number 2, it will be a story of a vampire and a human. A story inspired by the famous Twilight Saga. For number 3, I have no good idea about it, but maybe it will have to do something with snakes.  In addition, number 8 would be a story based and inspired during the World War 2.

*these was only assumed by Erviews Online. Titles and themes are not official. Let us just wait until GMA officially releases their tentative shows for 2013.


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