GMA7's Anak Ko 'Yan / That's My Baby

Anak Ko 'Yan is the newest reality talent search of GMA Network. It seeks to find new teen and tween stars for the network.

Early this year, auditions started and now that it is closed, Anak Ko 'Yan seems not to air anymore. I do not know if GMA Network is still working on it because there are no news about this new talent search of GMA Network.

There is no doubt that it is not being discuss in different social networking sites cause they seldom show the audition announcement on TV. In addition, it seems that there is no big budget for this show so no one is interested. What I mean is that, just like other talent searches, just before auditions will start, you can now find forum discussions, twitter fan accounts, Facebook, fan pages, and new articles anywhere. However, you can hardly find articles about this new show of GMA.

In addition, if will start, I have no doubt that it will have a good ratings, and the winner will be hardly gain popularity.

As I search on the net, I just found out that Jennylyn Mercado could be the host of this show and it will be a morning talent search. Actually, morning shows have the lowest budgets from the network.


Anonymous said...

i am not sure if i am allowed to say this but it's almost there. it could be a low-budgeted show but it will be shown soon! this is going to be different but exciting reality artista search to watch out for. the talents has been chosen, so hintay hintay lang! ;)

Anonymous said...

hinihintay namin talaga yong anak ko yan we know na pineprepare ng mabuti para maayos ang kalabasan

Jerone Simon said...

are you one of the staff of the? hope you can give us insights about it. :0