GMA7: The New Movie Channel

It is a trend in GMA Channel 7 that for every weekend show that ended, they will replace it by showing movies for consecutive weeks before having a new replacement.

Now that TeenGen, the last teen-oriented show of GMA, ended they will have to show again another movies that they already shown no less than 5 times on the past months. Moreover, this free movie showing will happen for months until GMA has decided what show will replace TeenGen.

I do not know why GMA ended the show if there is no definite plan for the new show to replace it. It seems like, they do not want to create a new show already, and they just want to make Sundays full of movies. Movies that was already shown by GMA so many times that I make me do not want to watch them anymore.

Starting this Sunday, July 7, GMA Sunday Grande will feature 4 movies in one day. First is one at Kapuso Movie Festival, then two for GMA Blockbusters. This movie segments will feature Filipino and tagalized English films that it makes me more annoyed to GMA. Then lastly is on SNBO at Sunday Night featuring the Star Wars series.

Honestly, I am a GMA fan, but not all GMA Network does make me happy. I just hope that they will remove the movie trends during Sundays. If they cannot remove it because they are tired of creating and reinventing shows, they need to show movies that are just recently shown in cinemas. Not those already showed few years back. On the other hand, they just remove all Sunday shows and replace it with movies. That makes the writers, directors, and the whole management very happy. Or even better, lastly, removed those people from the management who decided to do this #¡§*%¤¥$€£?!"-()@_;+&.



Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...


mas bobo ka. ikaw gumawa ng blog. comment nga di ka maka-english, baka lumugwak ulo mo pag english blog pinagawa sa yo.

moral lesson: if you don't have anything good to say, shut up.

to the author: i agree with your opinion.

Anonymous said...

kung di mo kayang mag-english ng tama...tagalugin mo nalang! nakakahilo ang english mo! daig pa ang liko-likong daan ng kenon road papuntang Baguio. may point ka naman eh kaso nawawala ang bisa ng point mo dahil sa maling delivery. sayang naman ang effort mo at pati rin kami sinayang mo lang ang oras namin sa pagbabasa...oh next time ha? Tagalog nalang. Hah?

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