Get More Traffic To Your Blog

A Blog or Website traffic changes day by day. However, there is always a minimum traffic given to a site. Having a high minimum page views means, you have a good traffic.

If your blog ranges from 20 to 100 page views a day, this means that your blog needs improvement in terms of topic and content. Try go get more traffic thru sharing your blog in different social networking and bookmarking sites to get a wider range of readers for your blog post. Once they like your post, they may consider visiting again your blog and getting a higher minimum page views.

If you want to get high traffic, you must know some of the niches that could get a higher traffic. You can visit Alexa.Com to compare different websites in different categories to found out contents that could get more traffic. Erviews Online is a general type blog and has different from of different categories. From my blog statistics, entertainment related posts get more visitors especially here in the Philippines. Personal related, on the other hand, get the least number of page views. Technology and Lifestyle related have also a high potential of having more readers.

If your blog is news type-site, you have a very high potential of having more page views from your desired location. Just be sure that you will update your blog very often to share the most updated news. Take note, there are so many news website to battle with so you need to work harder for your blog.

Posting blog posts that are viral and much updated gets the most traffic to most blogs. If you want your blog to get viral, all you need to do is to make it viral! Take note, viral posts are not made intentionally but accidentally.

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