Things To Know Before Joining Nuffnang Advertising Network

Nuffnang Advertising Network is the first Asian Online Ad Network. It is commonly used by blogs that are based in the Philippines, Malaysia, and other neighbor countries.

Nuffnang Ads have two main types, the CPUV (Cost per unique visits) and CPC (Cost per click) Ads. CPUV ads are those ads that run in your blog within a certain period depending on how many ads the advertiser rent the ad space. CPC ads, on the other hand, are those ads that seldom appear on your blog. CPUV ads are the most common way to earn on your site. You can earn from PHP 5 to PHP 20 ($0.12 to $0.50) for less than 1000 page views a day. On CPC ads, you can earn up to PHP 40 to PHP 50 ($1.00) per click even though your site just has 100 page views a day. Comparing to other online ads like Chitika, Clicksor, and Adsense, Nuffnang has higher ad rates even for low traffic blogs.

In joining Nuffnang, even though your site has good traffic, do not expect that you will run ads every day. Nuffnang ads will just run when an advertiser buy a space on your blog. While your blog is waiting for advertisers to come, you will just see a Nuffnang Logo on the proposed space. When ads will come, the space will expand show the advertisement to the viewers.

You will not only earn in Nuffnang through their ads, you can also learn giveaways, products, and events passes when you join their contests. Actually, joining their contests is the way to get ads on your site. When your just a publisher and uses their ads, don't expect that you will get ads very often. Most contests winners and those members who attend their events are those who get ads more often.

Due to lack of advertisements on most sites, members just remove their ad space even though they do not reach yet the minimum payout, which is approximately $100.


Jerone Simon said...

I have been Using Yahoo adsense in my blog for a year. I do not earn much from then as I have 150 page view a day now. But they pay me a lot on CPC.

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