The True Number 1 TV Network in the Philippines

It has been years since the two biggest networks in the country, namely ABS-CBN and GMA, is claiming the number 1 spot on the most watched TV Network in the Philippines. However, the figures shown by these two networks are not from the same source, which are AGB Nielsen and Kantar Media Market Research. Read about AGB and Kantar Philippines here...

When it comes to Kantar Media, ABS-CBN is on the top spot for being the most watched TV Station in the country. Most of their shows dominate the list of top daily most watched TV show in the country. Among the three big TV Networks in the country, only ABS-CBN subscribes to Kantar Media.

On the other hand, according to AGB Nielsen, GMA Network is the number one TV Network and their show dominates the list of top most watched TV shows. However, those data was only from Urban Luzon and Mega Manila, which has the biggest audience share in the country.

When it comes to Nationwide TV Ratings of AGB, the battle between GMA and ABS-CBN is very tough. However, for the last 3 months, ABS-CBN leads the nationwide TV Ratings.

In addition, for the month of July wherein ABS-CBN is on the number 1 spot, GMA strengthens again on the Nationwide TV Ratings. This is because; the difference of the ratings is now only 0.1 percent according to AGB Nielsen Philippines.

At this point, both Kantar and AGB show that ABS-CBN is number 1. Nevertheless, did GMA accept their defeat? Still, GMA shows and shares only the Urban Luzon and Mega Manila ratings to their viewers wherein they have truly high ratings. However, on this article (Read it here...) from GMA Network, they know who the real number 1 is. Even though, they do not state it directly, it still shows that they are saying that ABS-CBN overcomes GMA Network in the Nationwide TV Ratings.

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